Chando featured on “Getting Deeper” Electronic Music Blog

I’m very pleased to announce that Chando was featured on Getting Deeper, an electronic music blog based out of India that is all about sharing electronic music of all varieties.  Our track “Molecular Vibrations” off of “Gaining Momentum” is the opening track of Getting Deeper’s Podcast #26 mixed by SL’9 ( based out on London.  You can listen to the entire mix here:



Full post from Getting Deeper:


“It’s very exciting to finally upload a podcast that pays homage to genres other than deep/tech house on Getting Deeper. Stephen Little aka SL’9 from Britain has allowed us to do that by gifting Getting Deeper a podcast that embraces the influence of hip hop beats in genres such as trap and trip hop, which are also featured on Getting Deeper.

He has created a set that is going to transport you to a scene in a movie that is based in a city like Detroit, with industrial images and massive powerhouses represented in a genre that we call cult fiction. Despite having grungy, clear and hard beats, Stephen has wrapped this set in melodic and soulful sounds that, with the entire package, give the set a cinematic, story-like vibe.

Very tastefully, this set, unlike most other sets, starts with a bang and ends with slow and soft beats as opposed to beginning with a slow intro and getting more and more banging towards the end. It can be compared to a movie that does not have a linear timeline… one that begins with the biggest suspense in the entire movie and progresses by unraveling its contents  and giving it a nice closure during the end.

Stephen’s own lovely taste in music together with his remarkable blending capabilities add to the smooth flow of this set, whose end result is a wavy and rich consistency that radiates all the different varieties of good vibes!

Thank you Stephen! This podcast is excellent. It’s very refreshing to have this on Getting Deeper.

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle “

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