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Chandeliers & Champagne Out Now

I’m very excited to announce that latest album from Chando, Chandeliers & Champagne, is out now everywhere!! Click here to Purchase/Download/Stream on your favorite platform:

Chando has been featured on the Mile High Sound Movements Monthly Melodies playlist this Month, which includes the brand new track “East Colfax.”  Here’s a little snipped about the track East Colfax:

Inspiration struck as soon as the rig was set up at the new house over on East Colfax! This mellow trip-hop track transforms into a drum & bass / trance tune and then back again. Watch your step when you’re on East Colfax!

You can download or stream “East Colfax” for free on SoundCloud.

This quasi-psychedelic, trip-hop track will take you on journey through the nether-regions of the almighty Prophet-5 synthesizer. Accented by the captivating sounds of the Rhodes and topped off with the dark low-end of the microKorg, this track is a microcosm of sound, brought to by yours truly, Chando!  This track is available now to stream or download for FREE exclusively on Chando’s SoundCloud.

I’m very excited to announce that we will be playing along-side Nym, from Emancipator‘s record label Loci Records, with our good friends Tortuga and TwoScoopS at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, June 16th!!! You can purchase tickets for only $10 directly through us or on the Larimer Lounge’s website. Get a hold of Dan or Nateif you would like to get some cheap, pre-sale tickets! As always, thanks for your support!

Chando has been chosen as a finalist for The Untz Challenge VIII! If we were to win this contest, we would have the opportunity to play 6 different festivals across the US this summer. Please take a quick second out of your day and cast a vote for Chando! Follow these steps to vote:

1) Click Here

2) Choose “Chando – Magnifico” from the drop down menu at the top of the page

3) Click the green Vote button

Thanks for the support!


Chando explores STS9’s “Peoples,” re-creating the song from start to finish.  It begins by following along with the classic version of Peoples from the album “Artifact” and transforms into a more familiar “live inspired” version of the song, all with a little bit a Chando flare sprinkled in through the track.  This remix is being release exclusively on Chando’s SoundCloud, and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!


I’m very happy, and extremely excited to announce that my new album “Saros” is officially out now!!! You can Download/Stream/Purchase the album here:
Physical CD’s are also available for purchase through the BandCamp page! Happy Listening!!!

Rhodes Less Traveled Artwork (From Flash)

Check out my latest release, “Rhodes Less Traveled” on SoundCloud.  This track will be on Chando’s new upcoming album, which should be ready some time in the fall. “Rhodes Less Traveled” is a mid-tempo house track, driven by the iconic Rhodes electric piano, topped off with a little hip-hop flavor from Outkast’s “Rosa Parks.”

Chando Summer Dates 2016 - Cover Image
Super stoked to announce Chando’s upcoming local shows in Denver and Boulder! I’ve been working on lot’s of new material to share with y’all, and can’t wait to debut some of it for you! Where will we be seeing you?
06/17 – Boulder House –
06/18 – Zio’s Alley Bar –
07/30 – The Lazy Dog – Event details coming soon
08/13 – Tony P’s on 17th – Event details coming soon


From The Untz:

“Named for the bizarre character who haunts Larry David at every turn on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the new song from Boulder-based livetronica duo CHANDO is anything but annoying–but might be just as big. “Funkhouser” is an amalgam of funk and house (hence the name), but it’s so much more than that.

Packed with energy, you can imagine how this song plays live when Dan Chandonnet and drummer Nate Etter take this to the stage. But you don’t have to imagine it, just head to the Lazy Dog in Boulder, CO tomorrow (May 14), and catch the duo live for FREE! You can also download this beast for free, but be careful of Marty…”

Click Here to read the whole article.  Click to stream/download.

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