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Chando Summer Dates 2016 - Cover Image
Super stoked to announce Chando’s upcoming local shows in Denver and Boulder! I’ve been working on lot’s of new material to share with y’all, and can’t wait to debut some of it for you! Where will we be seeing you?
06/17 – Boulder House –
06/18 – Zio’s Alley Bar –
07/30 – The Lazy Dog – Event details coming soon
08/13 – Tony P’s on 17th – Event details coming soon


From The Untz:

“Named for the bizarre character who haunts Larry David at every turn on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the new song from Boulder-based livetronica duo CHANDO is anything but annoying–but might be just as big. “Funkhouser” is an amalgam of funk and house (hence the name), but it’s so much more than that.

Packed with energy, you can imagine how this song plays live when Dan Chandonnet and drummer Nate Etter take this to the stage. But you don’t have to imagine it, just head to the Lazy Dog in Boulder, CO tomorrow (May 14), and catch the duo live for FREE! You can also download this beast for free, but be careful of Marty…”

Click Here to read the whole article.  Click to stream/download.

Lazy Dog FlyerWe’re excited to announce that we’ll be back at The Lazy Dog in Boulder with support by OptycNerd and Runaway Slave.  The show is FREE and will feature live visuals and live painting!


Come join us on Friday, 05/01/2015, for The 2nd Annual “MAY DAZE” at the Fox Theatre, featuring:


Special Guests:
David Murphy [Seven Arrows/STS9]
Members of Technicolor Tone Factory
Otis Lande [Mountain Standard Time]
Matt Flaherty & Mirco [Hot Soup]
John Safarik [formerly of Octopus Nebula]
Juicy Money and more TBA!



Click Here for more Details!


Chando will be headlining The Lazy Dog on Saturday, February 7th with support from Atlanta based livetronica duo, Skymatic.  This show will be jam packed with all original, live electronic music, along with live visuals and live dancing provided by Boulder Spirals Gogo Dancers.


Visit Chando's Soundcloud

Abu Dhabi’s Too Fancy


This track will take you on a journey though the middle east, stopping off to briefly visit the legendary news anchor, Ron Burgundy, followed by a trip into the world of Umphrey’s McGee, Nothing Too Fancy though. It finishes up right where you started, somewhere far away in the middle east. If that doesn’t sound like an interesting ride, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Enjoy!



Dreams in Motion

Chando and Dalco, two Colorado based producers, have teamed up to create a unique two song remix EP, aptly titled “Dreams In Motion.” Both Chandonnet and Taylor took a single track from one another’s debut albums and put their own spin on it. Dalco’s funk-infused production is apparent in his remix of “Motion,” using hip-hop samples and live guitar licks to offer up a fresh, upbeat take on the downtempo Chando track. Chando’s remix of “Dream In Midi” features a brand new beefy drum beat, along with his signature synth to create an entirely new melodic structure to Dalco’s original track. “Dreams In Motion” out NOW!  Download it for free here:

I’m excited to announce that Chando will be playing at The Lazy Dog in downtown Boulder on Friday April 2014.  Mark your calendars, this is the first official show in the books for 2014, but you can expect more to come as the year rolls on.  We hope to see you there!


I’m very pleased to announce that Chando was featured on Getting Deeper, an electronic music blog based out of India that is all about sharing electronic music of all varieties.  Our track “Molecular Vibrations” off of “Gaining Momentum” is the opening track of Getting Deeper’s Podcast #26 mixed by SL’9 ( based out on London.  You can listen to the entire mix here:


Full post from Getting Deeper:


“It’s very exciting to finally upload a podcast that pays homage to genres other than deep/tech house on Getting Deeper. Stephen Little aka SL’9 from Britain has allowed us to do that by gifting Getting Deeper a podcast that embraces the influence of hip hop beats in genres such as trap and trip hop, which are also featured on Getting Deeper.

He has created a set that is going to transport you to a scene in a movie that is based in a city like Detroit, with industrial images and massive powerhouses represented in a genre that we call cult fiction. Despite having grungy, clear and hard beats, Stephen has wrapped this set in melodic and soulful sounds that, with the entire package, give the set a cinematic, story-like vibe.

Very tastefully, this set, unlike most other sets, starts with a bang and ends with slow and soft beats as opposed to beginning with a slow intro and getting more and more banging towards the end. It can be compared to a movie that does not have a linear timeline… one that begins with the biggest suspense in the entire movie and progresses by unraveling its contents  and giving it a nice closure during the end.

Stephen’s own lovely taste in music together with his remarkable blending capabilities add to the smooth flow of this set, whose end result is a wavy and rich consistency that radiates all the different varieties of good vibes!

Thank you Stephen! This podcast is excellent. It’s very refreshing to have this on Getting Deeper.

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle “

This electro hip-hop track sits at 100 bpm and features vocal samples from The Roots and Jay-Z.  Had a lot of fun making this one, choppin’ up all the vocal samples and fittin’ them all together into the track.  As with all of my releases, this track is completely free to download.  You can download it directly from SoundCloud here: (or by clicking the Download Arrow in the widget below) OR you can stream it for free below.  Enjoy!


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